The Message.

Here at Saibu, music plays a big part of our everyday lives. Even though over the years my taste has changed from pop music to R&B, house music to trance, but my love for hip-hop/rap has stuck. I guess you can say I am in love with hip-hop, it’s embedded into my everyday life.

I remember first hearing 'Snoop Dogg - Next Episode' in a friend’s car on the way to school. At first, I didn’t understand the rawness - it was very different and beautiful at the same time, like poetry. From that day on, I was curious to hear and find out more about this type of music.

Over the years I began to appreciate the message behind the songs. To me, they told stories of self expression, struggle, grind, hunger and the work behind the craft. This type of music provided empowerment, positivity and social awareness whilst growing up.

Our brand is heavily influenced by hip-hop music. We have adapted certain philosophies such as challenging the status quo, hustling and simply having a different mindset. With this in mind we would like to present a specially curated music playlist which we’ll hope that you can enjoy.

Here is a compilation of our teams current favourite top artists:

Written by: Paul Trinh

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