Rogue Samurai - The history of Saibu

In the early days, we would jump at any opportunity to get someone in one of our shirts. Even empty handed, we would grab whatever we could use lying around the place to measure up and jot down details for a client. Any piece of scrap paper would do, no questions asked. Unconventional, sure. Real, you bet. We measured up our folks in ghetto's and penthouses alike.

Our very first appointments took place off the curb, fitting people up for shirts anywhere you could imagine. From car parks to hotels, we started our brand one hand made shirt at a time, bent on bringing our art to the street by doing anything we could. We had faith in our vision and went about making it happen with nothing more than a set of legs and heartbeat.

We serviced our entire community tirelessly. Anyone keen on a shirt got one, most our first shirts came free or in exchange for a photo or two as we honed our craft. Some shirts fit, some didn’t, we just kept making more until we got it right. We made sure our fam from every little pocket of Melbourne to Japan had at least one in the mix.

Did we know what we were doing? Not really. Were we working it out as we went? Sure. We used pegs to pin garments. Pegs. Like the ones off mum’s clothes line (shots fired Geoff). Yeah.. we were working it out our own way, and we kept working it out our own way until one day, we had something.

Our shirts became popular enough that one day we could pay rent and evolve into the tailoring house we are today. From our time in Fitzroy making one shirt at a time, to now, our shared New York style loft in the city where we fit out entire weddings with custom suits, our approach has always been the same as when we started out.

We didn't come to chase an image. We came to paint a picture.

As a tailoring house, our space had no chesterfield couches. No fancy mahogany. No single malt whiskey or fine crystal. This ain't Antiques Roadshow. We came raw since we established in back in Fitzroy 2013. We started out sitting on milk crates, spending time shooting lifestyle photos of locals in the street, getting to really know our community and show our intention in growing this beast. We trained, we smoked, we laughed, we drank, banged beats and worked hard. We made a home. A community hub for people to come and interact, imagine and create. We cut our own path through the jungle and built a refuge. A launchpad into something new.

As streetwear lovers, the allure of the menswear scene just didn't mirror us. We had to stir up the scene to be comfortable to call our own. Dressing well shouldn’t just be for the elite. We came to let the wolves loose.. to give you the reminder. The real are still alive, and we are right here with you.

We pay homage to the outlaws in life. We tell the story of the underdogs. Giving confidence to society's misfits, the ones that were said wouldn't make it. We reach out to those by the way side and say hey, we right here with you. There is nothing more empowering than feeling presentable in your own skin, and what drives us is empowerment at the end of the day. Seeing our community rise. We do it to inspire you all.. keep fucken punching, you'll make it.

With this ethos our brand was born and from this we continue to grow. So these are our roots and values, our history. To see it is to recognise one mark.

Where we leave our message is with the passion we put into one mark.

Our logo, meaning "no" in Hiragana is the center insignia of our name Saibu no Akuma, a Japanese translation of the time old adage - "The devil's in the detail".  

Whether it's seen on the back of a collar or printed on a lighter, hidden inside a suit or tattooed on skin, to recognise this little devil of a detail is a nod to our community and the roots of an o.g Melbourne brand still punching hard.

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