Styled by Sok.

Developing a clothing label means being dependant on a team. Starting out, before producing anything, all you have is an idea. A concept. A vision which you need interpreted accurately, so that you don’t risk smothering the spark you wish to feed into a burning fire.

One of the most intrinsic aspects of brand building is working with creatives. As much as you may have the idea and the vision, communicating this and getting the end result you envision is largely dependent on who you work with.

We are experiencing something of a creative renaissance in this in this day and age, and there is no shortage of creatives out there looking to hone their craft.

Visuals are one of the most fundamental drivers behind any clothing label. Whether a one off collab, a friend of the label, or an in-house working arrangement, we depend largely on photos and visual media to help us tell our story.

Let us introduce you to Socheata Sokhom (Sok).

Sok is a Menswear enthusiast who has been working with our label for the past few months, producing visual content using her skills as a professional photographer.

We thought a quick interview was in order to help better share her story with us;

Hey Sok! Tell us a bit about yourself what got you into photography?


As introduced, my name is Socheata, but call me Sok for short :) I am a Melbourne based freelancer in the photography, social media, and fashion styling field. Pretty much, my sanity is relies on being able to create and express.

To be frank, photography wasn't a profession I ever imaged myself to be in. I still wouldn't call myself a professional either! Haha.

I started off as a fashion and creative stylist, fashion for me is something I have always been passionate about. Being a stylist, you would work closely with photographers and other creatives. I did free work for about 3 years and I wasn't satisfied with my progress in the industry. It was a great experience, however, a tough one too. A lot of the times, my vision didn't pair up with the photographers, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I saved up for my own camera and just practiced at any chance I could. I am still very much learning! 

Photography has saved my life. It is an outlet for me to express myself and it also really helps me therapeutically. 

You have a passion for menswear, how did you find Saibu?

I do indeed have a passion for menswear! I always considered myself a little bit of a tom boy, and that mainly comes down to my choice of dress sense. I love assembling my outfits with a piece of clothing that is made for men's, e.g. a t-shirt, jacket, hat etc. Personally, menswear is a lot more appealing and structural. It is much more simple and effortless, however, it can make also make a statement. 

I am an O.G fan of Saibu from when the boys first established themselves haha. I found out about Saibu from my dear friend Geoff, who was then a consultant and tailor. I was fashion blogging back then, and Geoff hooked me up with a custom made shirt that I was absolutely in love with, it just fitted my styled accurately. Ever since then, we have stayed in contact and continued collaborating.

We consider you something of a creative muse here at Saibu, who do you get artistic inspiration from?

Well first of all, that is very kind of you guys! I aspire to be a muse one day though haha. 

My artistic inspiration doesn't really come down to who, it is involved with my surroundings and what captivates me visually. I could be walking down the street, and if there is a particular building, interior, person, clothing etc. that would capture my attention, I will note it mentally and photograph it. If I come across something with character and has a story to tell, then that inspires me. However, we all have a someone we look up too that inspires us - for me a diverse range of people I really look up to are designers, photographers, and your all round local small business owners. 

In a few words, define your style.

Quirky with a touch of masculinity. 

What’s next for Sok?

I am quite ambitious with my goals, truthfully it can come across as ambiguous because there is so much I want to do and achieve. 
I plan to move to Japan in the next year to solely focus on those goals that I carry so heavily in my mind. Although I have never been to Japan, every time I think about it I just get so motivated and inspired. 
I will be moving onto more business side of things, as I aim to run my own modelling agency and creative studio. I also want to publish a book of my imagery that will be based on my encounters of the fashion and culture of Japan. 
Ambiguous, am I right? But anything is possible! 


Finding the right people who share your vision and enthusiasm is a blessing, we are very fortunate to have amazing people like Sok working with us in our brand. She’s one of the special ones and we consider her fam. We will be sad to see her go next year but look forward to seeing her continue her journey, plenty of magic to come until then!

If you want to see Socheata’s work, hit the links below.




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