The End of a Beginning

After 6 years of operating, we never thought we would see this day. 

We were young, ambitious and were ready to make a difference. 

We have grown exponentially as individuals and as entrepreneurs. We could never imagine that we could turn a passion project into what it is today. We’re proud of what we have achieved.

However, after months of consideration, we have decided to stop operations and our last day for consultations will be on the Saturday 25th of May 2019.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our company over the last 6 years.

Our passion to redefine our modern society with imagination, interaction and creativity still drives very deep within us. We will continue to strive to be the catalyst to spark positive change and to persistently challenge the status quo. 

To all of our clientele, friends and family, Saibu No Akuma would not be where it is today without you. 

Thank you for all your love and loyal support.


Saibu No Akuma 

*** Limited time only ***

Celebrating our final days of operation, we would like to offer a complimentary white shirt with every suit purchase to pay homage to our  beginnings. 

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