The Journey With Saibu So Far


2017 was a very busy year for me, I went down on one knee and proposed to my future wife, a holiday away with my best mates in the States, invested in the greatest Australian dream and purchased my new home. This was all a significant accomplishment for me, although something was missing. I was never passionate about my past or current career path. All I ever wanted was to follow my instincts, trust in my interests, and find a career to inspire others. Living the rest of my life growing up old and grey, working day after day 9-5pm on autopilot was nothing I looked forward to. Life is a true gift and I was not going to settle for anything less.

As my mother always said, everyone has a purpose in this world. She never pushed me to do anything I was not conformable doing, in fact, she encouraged me to follow my dreams. Let’s not get it twisted, not everyone has their life planned out for them - life is a gamble, it has its highs but it also has its lows. You have the high school drop-outs, the not-so-smart, the trouble makers, the rebellious and the kids that don’t take life seriously and are clueless about what they want in life. I look back now and I was just that kid. I did try to find my way towards success and happiness, I ended up being my own boss and owned my own bakery cafe. However, the hard earned money was a bonus but the happiness wasn’t.

Growing up, fashion and music was not just an interest for me, it was a lifestyle. I found it fascinating how music and fashion were relatable in so many ways. I had family that played music around me all the time. My mother would put on Stevie Wonder and the Platters playing out loud on a Saturday morning and this was bliss for me.

Music artists truly identified themselves by their own style. Run DMC with the Adidas superstars, Tupac with the bandana, Jay Z to Tom Ford, Eminem with the white staple shirt, Nate Dog with the top hat or the outsider style of Outkast. It was the style and the storytelling amongst hip-hop royalty that I found intriguing and interesting.

Style and looking after myself has always been something that I took pride in. My mother always took time to make sure she looked nice before she walked out the door. This inspired me to take pride in my appearance and have appreciation for style. I figured, if women can take time and pride in appearance, why can’t men do the same?

I am a true believer of Saibu No Akuma and what it stands for. I was instantly inspired by the status quo, the independence, and the rebel personality behind the name. I have been following the brand and there story for years now and I immediately felt a common connection towards the brand.

I had the pleasure of meeting my future mentors Geoff, Paul and Adrian. Booking a private consultation for my wedding suit and by chance, they were looking for an intern. From day one these men believed in me, they took the chance and I thank them dearly. Geoff and Paul took me under their wing, educated and inspired me to be a better version of myself. In my opinion this internship was not just an internship, but it was an experience that I will carry on for the rest of my life. Not only have I gained 6 months of knowledge, but I gained 3 life-long brothers and mentors that I look up to.

Work hard, be who you are and inspire others is what Saibu No Akuma stands for. Saibu is a true recognition “Of the more behind the suit” -  it is family and a sense of belonging.

The journey has only just started, and I have a lot more to learn and experience. Menswear has been a great gateway to re-spark my passion inside me. We have to remember to trust the process, because you never know what life has planned out for you. Time is precious and it’s something you can’t gain back, put it towards something that you love and don’t turn back.

Written by Jake Angeles

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