The Truth

A lot of companies and brands out there are not translucent or provide clarity for their customers regarding where their product is from or how it is made. They are sales driven and just want to make that quick buck leaving the customer unsure if what they have bought is ethical or not. 

We want to give our customers transparency on our product because Saibu is built around our people and we want to show that our product is made with quality and with excellent craftsmanship. We want you to enjoy what we produce and take you along with us on this journey. 

Last April, we had the opportunity to visit our manufacturers in Thailand and we are proud to say that we are an ethically sourced label with the factory floor staff equalling more than 30 years of experience and working in good conditions. 

This is a great experience to see and understand the processes and systems and of course discussions with new offerings for our customers. Keep an eye out for us as we have lots to show you soon. 

Check out below with snippets of how our jackets are made. 


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