Welcome White Black.

Getting back to basics can take a lifetime. It can take a shake up, a break up, or a simple realisation, just to wake up. Wake up to what you want, who you are and what truly drives you. 

Waking up to what you want to create and what really inspires you takes guts. It takes honesty to establish what you really give a shit about and what you don’t.

To take a stand, to do your own thing, first you must find your truth in life and start living it. 

For us as a label, being honest with ourselves means going back to basics. 

As much as we provide a formal tailoring service, streetwear is just as much part of our lifestyle. 

Realising this truth, we've decided to release our first step into streetwear with basic white and black lifestyle tees. 

These t-shirts are a representation of us coming white black to our roots.

This is us being real with ourselves and our label, this is us stepping into our own.


These essential lifestyle tees, along with brand new lighters are now available in house and on our online store.

We are proud to be launching this new line of lifestyle products, a range based in simplicity, stripped to the core. This is us remembering our roots and coming back to our true essence.

All photos taken by the Talented Socheata Sokhom - https://www.instagram.com/styledbysok/   

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