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Evolution: The gradual development of something. Saibu No Akuma is constantly evolving as a brand. Our dream first started off 5 years ago, where we had our first lightbulb moment. The idea was to challenge the status quo, and to produce the best custom shirts in Melbourne by, of course, the best tailors from the street. We constantly seek growth, and our focus should most definitely change as it moves progressively towards the right direction. Two years into the gig, we listened to the demand and supplied made-to-measure suits, which then became our bread and butter.

It’s 2018 and we decided that it was that time again, to evolve and provide you with something new. Our customers have always been our key to success, therefore we are always striving to understand the needs and demand of the menswear world.

With a selection of over 30 colours, from classic black and navy to khaki and camel, you’ve got quite a colour palette to choose from. The staple item you need in your winter wardrobe, promising to keep you warm through the season. Our products are always created with the idea of versatility in mind, so we’re talking from a casual Sunday coffee at the local café, to a formal work meeting.

Cashmere this, cashmere that. The word ‘100% cashmere’ is usually associated with being expensive. The first thing you need to know about this fabric is that you need it. There’s really nothing as soft as cashmere against your skin, and we aren’t talking about an itchy woolly thick fabric against your skin that makes you sweat in a heated room during winter. Cashmere consists of bumpy fibres so nothing sticks out to cause you to itch, in comparison to straight fibres that will probably irritate your skin. Cashmere is made from the undercoat of cashmere goats. The amount of fibres collected from one goat is merely enough to make half a sweater. It usually takes about four to five goats to make one pure cashmere sweater. Hence, the price is as steep as it is.

Our team has worked towards giving you the best made-to-measure 100% Cashmere overcoats in Melbourne. With confidence, our prices will give you the best value for your buy. The overcoats are fully customisable at no cost, with every option available to be tweaked to your liking. From colour of the coat, to colour of the buttons, to the design and measurements of the overcoats.

We had an interview with one of our good mates Frank, and got him to roam around the streets in our overcoat for the day. We styled him into two different outfits, one casual and one formal.

  1. Why do you feel like outfit 1 (suit & grey coat) fit well with you, and where would you wear it? Outfit one fits me well as it is a reflection of my selectively polished nature. I say selectively, meaning that when I want to look my best I can without hassle because I understand how an outfit can be put together thanks to style influences like the Saibu No Akuma team among others. 
  2. Would you trust Saibu No Akuma to style you for an occasion? I absolutely have faith in Saibu to style me for an occasion as the Saibu team draws on so many elements of fashion and style to create powerful outfits with a casual flare which gives you that "Devil may care" attitude.
  3.  Why do you feel like outfit 2 (lifestyle tee & brown coat) fit well with you? Loved it, until the team threw that coat over my shoulders in my jeans and a T-shirt, I never knew how could that look could be. I quickly adapted to it and didn't want to take the coat off.
  4. What are your views on made-to-measure garments? My view on made to measure garments is they become a keep sake item, meaning they are so personalised they become an extension of yourself. Even when you wear that quality garment out, you can't bear to part with it.
  5.  If you knew you’d be spending money on a cashmere coat, what considerations did you need to think of before purchasing? If I was to big dollars on a cashmere coat, I'd want it to be made to measure and of course, cashmere. It's going to be a signature piece in your wardrobe, which will transcend at least 3 seasons of the year, lasting for many years. It is also going to have to fit me immaculately from shoulder comfortability to jacket length. 


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