Saibu no Akuma is a Melbourne born lifestyle brand inspired by menswear and streetwear taking high end tailoring to the streets. The name is a loose Japanese translation of the saying “Devil in the Details”. Like modern day Samurai, we are fighters of a lost art. 

Our journey is driven by the need to constantly redefine what is possible. We want to inspire and influence a generation to create, imagine and interact.

Our goal is to help our people realise their own potential to face their own adversity to reach their ambitions and dreams. 

Challenging the status quo, Saibu no Akuma represent a new movement of ready to wear & made-to-measure tailoring.

Influenced by menswear and streetwear and it's surrounding culture and lifestyle,

Steering away from the traditional polished aesthetic, we enjoy soft, effortless, relaxed, masculine elegant garments. Our fit is modern, designed and produced to complement our client’s wardrobe and lifestyle.

Our products are timeless, classic and influenced with our own touch, detail and style.

Our made-to-measure service is truly a unique experience. We don’t focus on where the fabric is from or who has produced it, we look extensively into our client’s lifestyle and purpose ensuring we cover what is required and ensuring versatility for the garment. 

Our approach with ready to wear is based purely on producing versatile garments and product that require no attention and effort. These are limited lifestyle products made so that you don't have to think hard or twice when you're ready to take over the world.