May I Bring A Friend?

We believe face-to-face interaction is an integral part of showcasing something of beauty. We believe fast fashion does not provide the same experience. We understand that sharing an experience with a friend is something of value.

When you think of friendship, Who comes to mind?

It’s someone that has been with you through thick and thin, together you have travel stories, and have laughed uncontrollably. These experiences we have are priceless and it cannot be bought. These are the people that have shaped who you today without you knowing it.

For us the moment was when we travelled overseas to visit our extended team earlier this year. It was an opportunity to really engage with the backbone of our business to strengthen our relationship and to also establish new ones.

We have sifted through thousands of fabrics and we have compiled and curated fabrics that we strongly believe that our customers will love.

Friendship is key part of our lives and we would like to invite you and a mate to enjoy a special offer that we have created. This is based around our style and we want to showcase versatility of a tailored suit.

The package includes:
2 x Custom tailored wool suits and 2 x Lifestyle Tees.
ENDING 31 MAY 2018