Returns Policy

Saibu No Akuma Return Policy (Ready-to-Wear & Collection Products)

In store returns and exchanges

  • Items purchased in store can only be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase.
  • You may choose to return your purchase for an exchange or refund at our store Clothing, ties and accessories can be returned via mail. Ensure you provide a copy of the invoice.
  • All returns must be accompanied with your invoice as proof of purchase (you may like to keep a copy for yourself).
  • Saibu No Akuma takes no responsibility for any damaged or lost goods.
  • We will happily refund the cost of the goods if you change your mind, provided the goods are in their original condition.
  • Refunds will only be processed via Bank Transfer, Paypal and cash (in store) used to make the original purchase. 

Saibu No Akuma Made-to-Measure Policy


  • After your first fitting appointment with Saibu No Akuma, a second fitting will be prearranged once the garment is manufactured and constructed. Throughout the second fitting our consultant will conclude whether any adjustments are required to perfect the fit. Any such adjustments are conducted at our third party tailor at no cost to our client.
  • In the rare case that a garment cannot be adjusted, Saibu No Akuma will organise for the client to be re-measured and the garment will be remade. This is no cost to the client undergoing this process.
  • Our consultants who have extensive knowledge of our made to measure process and suiting knowledge will oversee all of our adjustments.

Returns & Refunds

Saibu No Akuma is committed to our clients and the satisfaction that they derive from our made to measure clothing. We are also committed to achieving the perfect and comfortable fit. In this pursuit of perfection - tailoring garments based on the client’s design requirements and measurements - we are unable to accept returns if you change your mind. However, we stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our garments, and will work with our client to correct any issues and faults.